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Thứ Bảy, 8 tháng 12, 2018


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EXERCISE 1: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others
1. A. tested B. marked C. presented D. founded
2. A. used    B. finished C. married      D. rained
3. A. allowed B. dressed C. flashed D. mixed
4. A. switched B. stayed C. believed D. cleared
5. A. recommended B. waited C. handed D. designed
6. A. annoyed B. phoned C. watched D. remembered
7. A. hurried B. decided C. planned D. wondered
8. A. posted B. added       C. managed D. arrested
9. A. dreamed B. neglected C. denied D. admired
10. A. admitted B. advanced C. appointed D. competed
11. A. announced B. apologized C. answered D. argued
12. A. complained B. applied C. compared D. polished
13. A. declared B. exchanged C. excused D. joined
14. A. contributed B. jumped C. introduced D. vanished
15. A. whispered B. wandered C. sympathized D. sentenced
EXERCISE 2: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others
1. A. hats B. tables C. tests D. desks
2. A. gives B. passes C. dances D. finishes
3. A. sees B. sings C. meets D. needs
4. A. seeks B. plays C. gets D. looks
5. A. tries B. receives C. teaches D. studies
6. A. says B. pays C. stays D. boys
7. A. eyes B. apples C. tables D. faces
8. A. posts B. types C. wives D. keeps
9. A. beds B. pens C. notebooks D. rulers
10. A. stools B. cards C. cabs D. forks
11. A. buses B. crashes C. bridges D. plates
12. A. calls B. glasses C. smiles D. learns
13. A. schools B. yards C. labs D. seats
14. A. knives B. trees C. classes D. agrees
15. A. buses B. horses C. causes D. ties
16. A. garages B. boats C. bikes D. roofs
17. A. ships B. roads C. streets D. speaks
18. A. beliefs B. cups C. plates D. apples
19. A. books B. days C. songs D. erasers
20. A. houses B. knives C. clauses D. changes


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