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Thứ Hai, 4 tháng 5, 2020


Choose the best option to complete each sentence.
1/ – A: Would you like ______tea? – B: No, thanks. 
A. any            B. some          C. a         D. many
2/ There ______ much beer in the bottle.     
A. isn’t      B. aren’t C. is not      D. A&C
3/ Mai ______ games with her brother.    
A. often play   B. often plays  C. plays often    D. play often
4/ Hoa is sitting ______ her parents now.   
A. next     B. opposite          C. in front     D. to the left
5/ – A: What ______ are her eyes? –B: They are black.               
            A. subject      B. color              C. time          D. class
6/ – A: Are there any English ______ in your class? – B: No, there aren’t.
           A. students                 B. schoolboy            C. child              D. teacher
7/ – A: How much ______ is there in the bridge? –B: There’s a lot.
           A. eggs                  B. oranges                C. milk             D. apples
8/ I’m going ______ some oranges.      
A. buying       B. buy         C. buys        D. to buy
9/ My sister is ______me.     A. tall than    
B. taller than        C. than tall       D. than taller
10/ The Mekong River is______ than The Red River. 
A. longer        B. taller    C. shorter    D. higher
11/ She is from Japan. She speaks ______.  
A. Vietnamese     B. English           C. Chinese   D. Japanese
12/ Mount Everest is ______mountain in the world.
A. the high        B. the higher            C. highest              D. the highest
13/ She is studying hard. She is going to be______ student in my class.
A. the best                             B. best             C. the better               D. better
14/ – A: Let’s______ swimming this afternoon! – B: That’s a good idea! Let’s______ that!
A. going/doing                      B. to go/do                          C. go/do         D. go/doing
15/ What do you often do______ the summer?    
A. at         B. in         C. on        D. for
16/ What______ the weather like in the spring?  
A. do      B. is            C. does       D. A&B
17/ They ______ for a walk after school. 
A. go often    B. often go   C. often going   D. going often
18/ Nam ______ to school in the evening. 
A. never go   B. go never   C. never goes  D. goes never
19/ – A: ______ does Nam have a toothache? –B: Because he eats too much candy.
           A. What                      B. When                              C. Why                  D. Who
20/ ______no old trees in our school garden.    
A. There are B. There’re    C. There is     D. A&B        
21/ His father works in a factory. He is an _________.
           A. student                       B. engineer                      C. teacher                 D. doctor
22/ It’s noisy in the_________, but it’s quiet in the_________.
           A. country/city               B. country/country         C. city/country          D. city/city
23/ There_________ many cars _________the street.
           A. is/in                             B. are/to                            C. is/on               D. are/on
24/ –A: What do you do _________your free time? –B: I often listen _________ music.
           A. at/to                            B. on/in                            C. to/in                D. in/to
25/ Mrs. Brown often travels to Vietnam _________plane.  A. on     B. by     C. with    D. in
26/ Would you like _________oranges?    A. some          B. any              C. an          D. a
27/ The Mekong River is _________ river in Vietnam.
           A. the longest                 B. the shortest                 C. longer                 D. shorter
28/ There is _________oil in the bottle.    A. a lot of       B. many             C. a little         D. a few
29/ Their favorite _________is English.    A. subject     B. song       C. book       D. sport
30/ Are there _________rice paddles in the country?       A. any            B. some     C. a       D. an
31/ My brother _________happy because today is _________birthday.
           A. feels/her                     B. feels/its                        C. feels/his          D. feels/their
32/ In the evening, my family always have rice and fish _________dinner.
           A. on                                B. in                                C. for             D. to
33/ Do you enjoy hot food _________ cold food?    
A. and        B. or       C. but       D. with
34/ Can you _________the small cat opposite the street?
           A. watch                          B. know                            C. see               D. hear
35/ –A: What about _________to music? –B: Yes, let’s do it!
           A. listening                     B. listen                            C. to listen          D. all are correct
36/ Nam _________breakfast at six o’clock every morning.
           A. usually eats                B. usually has                  C. has usually           D. A&B
37/ There is a big yard _________ front of her house.   
A. in      B. on           C. to      D. at
38/ – A: What’s your favorite _________? – B: I like cheese and hamburger.
           A. drink                           B. sport                 C. subject                 D. food
39/ She_________ beer or tea.     
A. don’t like      B. never likes        C. never like    D. likes never
40/ She _________her hair right now.    
A. is washing       B. washes       C. wash     D. washing
41/ – A: Is Susan _________school? –B: No, she’s at home.     
A. in      B. at     C. on    D. under
42/ What color _________his new car?    
A. have             B. is         C. does             D. are
43/ They always go to school _________bicycle.   
A. with           B. in       C. on        D. by
44/ I do my _________before going to class.
              A. home work           B. homework              C. homeworks               D. housework
45/ Mr. Pike _________us English twice a week.   
A. teach    B. teaches    C. teaching   D. to teach
46/ Tom and _________are going to the birthday party together.   
A. I    B. me   C. my  D. mine
47/ Are you free _________Saturday?     
A. on        B. at               C. in         D. into
48/ –A: Where is your mother? –B: She's _________the kitchen.   
A. in     B. on C. into    D. at
49/ Mary is doing her homework and _________brother is helping her.
              A. she                B. hers          C. her         D. she's
50/ There are _________eggs on the table.    
A. some        B. any      C. a little      D. much
51/ Her mother works in a hospital. She is a(n) _________.
              A. engineer               B. farmer           C. teacher                D. nurse
52/ It’s noisier in the city _________ in the country.    
A. to        B. with         C. than      D. from
53/ What do you do _________your free time?    
A. at    B. on      C. to         D. in
54/ My mother often travels to HCM City _________bus.     
A. on     B. by     C. with     D. in
55/ The Red River is_________ than The Mekong River.
              A. longer                          B. shorter                         C. taller D. higher
56/ There are _________people in the room.   
A. a lot           B. many        C. a little       D. any
57/ Their favorite _________is table tennis.   
A. subject      B. song        C. book       D. sport
58/ Can you _________ English?    
A. say                 B. talk        C. tell          D. speak
59/ What about _________to music?    
A. listening          B. listen      C. to listen     D. all are correct
60/ Nam usually has breakfast _________ six o’clock every morning.    
A. on   B. in   C. at     D. to
61/ There is a big well in front _________my uncle’s house.  
A. of        B. from     C. to       D. on
62/ She _________her room every morning.  
A. is cleaning      B. cleans             C. clean      D. cleaning
63/ I usually go __________ with my friends.
             A. table tennis             B. badminton                 C. school                D. camping
64/ –A: __________ the weather like in the fall? –B: It’s cool.
             A. How               B. How’s           C. What                   D. What’s
65/ You feel tired. Would you like __________ hot drinks?  
A. any        B. some     C. a    D. an
66/ Lan and Xuan __________ their kites in their free time.
             A. often fly           B. fly often          C. often flies             D. flies often
67/ Mexico City is __________ Tokyo. 
A. bigger    B. bigger than     C. smaller    D. smaller than
68/ – A: Can I help you? – B: _________________________.
             A. Yes, I’d like some beef, please                        B. Yes, some beef, please   
             C. Yes, I’d like some                                             D. A and B are correct
69/ Her lips are __________.       
A. tall          B. long             C. full           D. short
70/ It’s a beautiful day. __________ go to the beach and have a good time there?
             A. Let’s              B. What                  C. What about               D. Why don’t we
71/ – A: __________ is a bowl of noodles? – B: It’s 15,000 dong.
             A. How                          B. How much                   C. How many           D. How long
72/ It’s very cold in the __________, so we always wear warm clothes.       
             A. winter                       B. fall                                C. summer               D. spring
73/ What color is your mother’s __________?      
A. eyes           B. shoulders  C. hair       D. teeth
74/ The weightlifter isn’t weak. He is __________.   
A. light      B. strong     C. thin      D. full
75/ Minh likes __________ in the mountains on the weekend.
             A. walk               B. walked                     C. walking              D. walks
76/ He wants __________ an engineer.     
A. to be          B. be          C. being           D. is
77/ – A: How long are you going to visit your uncle in Nha Trang? – B: __________ two weeks.
             A. On                 B. At                C. For               D. By
78/  Lan: What about __________ Cham Temple and Hoi An ancient town?
         Hoa: That’s a good idea.
             A. visit                          B. to visit                          C. visiting                     D. visits
79/ – A: Where are you from? – B: ________________________.
             A. You’re from France    B. I are from France       C. I am from France     D. I am French
80/ He isn’t tall. He is _______.     
A. short              B. oval       C. round          D. thin
81/ He _______ volleyball at the moment.   
A. play    B. plays     C. is playing   D. are playing
82/ - A: _______ is a dozen eggs? –B: 28,000 dong.
            A. How much                B. How often                   C. How long               D. How many
83/ The weather _______ hot in the winter.   
A. is often   B. often is    C. often isn’t   D. is never
84/ There are _______ apples on the table.      
A. some          B. any         C. much     D. a lot
85/ -Sales girl: Can I help you? -Nga: Yes, I _______ some meat.
            A. like               B. likes                   C. do like                D. would like
86/ He is going to stay _______ a hotel.    
A. with              B. on               C. at           D. of
87/ –A: _______ are you going to stay with your aunt? –B: For two weeks.
            A. How much                B. How long                    C. How often               D. How many
88/ Mr. Hung is going to _______ some photos.    
A. write            B. do         C. take         D. make
89/ My mother is going to _______ the housework tomorrow.
            A. do                               B. make                            C. doing                   D. does
90/ _______is a ball game. There are eleven players in each team.
            A. Skipping                   B. Soccer                          C. Swimming                D. Volleyball       
91/ In the _______it’s often hot all day.     
A. spring        B. summer     C. winter        D. fall
92/ – A: What’s the _______like in the autumn? – B: It’s cool.
            A. time                           B. night                             C. weather                        D. day
93/ – A: What are you going to do _______ the weekend? – B: I’m going to visit my grandparents.
            A. on                               B. at                                  C. in                                  D. to
94/ – A: Let’s go to the movies! – B: That’s a good _______.                                                                   
            A. opinion                     B. thought                        C. idea                              D. way
95/ –A: What _______you _______in your free time? – B: I often listen to pop music.
            A. does/do                     B. do/does                        C. do/do                        D. do/doing
96/ She often _______ her grandmother on weekends.
            A. visit                           B. visiting                        C. to visit                         D. visits
97/ She listens to music_______.
            A. two times a week     B. a week twice               C. twice a week               D. a twice week
98/ Is your school _______or _______?
            A. big/small                   B. country/city                C. new/small                    D. big/old
99/ Nga’s father _______to music every day.      A. listens     B. listen     C. listening   D. to listen
100/ - A: _______does your father do? – B: Oh, he is an engineer.
            A. Where                       B. Who                             C. When                           D. What
101/ - A: How many floors does your school have? – B: _______two floors
            A. There is                     B. It has                            C. There have                  D. It have
102/ -A: Where do you live? –B: I live _______Hanoi.      A. on         B. in       C. at      D. next
103/ – A: Are these your books? –B: Yes, _______.
            A. those are                   B. these are                      C. they are                        D. it is
104/  Which grade _______you in?    A. be              B. is           C. am         D. are
105/  I go to school _______bus every day.       A. at         B. by             C. in            D. on
106/ - A: What are you doing, Nam? –B: I’m _______my homework.
            A. do                               B. doing                            C. does                             D. to do
107/ The toy store is _______the bookstore and the bakery.   A. at   B. in front   C. on   D. between
108/  My brother and I _______students.       A. am             B. are       C. is        D. isn’t
109/  I live _______Tran Phu Street.     A. at         B. on       C. in         D. to
110/ - A: _______is that? –B: That’s my sister.     A. What      B. Which       C. Who     D. Where
111/ How __________kilos of beef does she want?      A. many    B. much   C. often    D. about
112/ - A: How _________oranges would you like?       -B: Six. And _________ tea, please.
            A. much/some               B. many/any                    C. much/any                    D. many/some
113/ Listen! Who_______ to your sister?   A. is going to talk  B. talks   C. does talk   D. is talking
114/ Ho Chi Minh City is _______ city in Vietnam.   A. biggest    B. the biggest    C. bigger    D. big
115/ - A: Is this a book? – B: No, it isn’t. It’s an________.  A. ruler   B. book     C. Eraser       D. pen
116/ I am not________, so I don’t want to drink anything.
            A. hungry                       B. thirsty                          C. full               D. small
117/ –A: ________does your brother work? – B: He works in a big factory near our house.
            A. What                          B. Where                          C. When               D. How
118/ I’m going to the ________now. I want to buy some bread.
            A. post office                B. drugstore                     C. bakery               D. toy store
119/ The opposite of “weak” is ________.       A. thin        B. small         C. strong        D. heavy
120/ ________long or short?
            A. Does Mai have hair        B. Is Mai’s hair        C. Does Mai’s hair have      D. Is hair of Mai
121/ I need a large ________of toothpaste.        A. bar      B. can        C. tube       D. box
122/ This is Nga. _______ school is big.         A. Her       B. His          C. Your        D. My
123/ The traffic lights are red. You______ stop.    A. must not      B. must     C. can     D. cannot
124/ Look! The children ___________soccer in the stadium.
       A. is playing              B. play                C. are playing                         D. playing
125/ On the street, there_____________ a park, a restaurant, and a toy store.
            A. is                                B. has                                C. are D. aren’t
126/ What color ____________her eyes?       A. is         B. are      C. do           D. does
127/ Minh lives in the city__________ his parents.    A. in         B. near        C. with     D. next to
128/ My classroom is __________ floor.
            A. in the second            B. on the two                   C. on second D. on the second
129/ Minh is in his room now. He __________ English.
            A. learns                         B. to learn                        C. are learning D. is learning
130/ __________ an awful day!        A. How       B. What      C. Which      D. Where
131/ My birthday is __________ the __________ of November.
            A. on / thirty                  B. at / thirtieth                 C. in / thirtyD. on / thirtieth
132/ What is the last month of the year?
            A. September                B. December                    C. November             D. January
133/  The father is looking __________ his children.       A. of      B. on     C. for      D. with
134/  –A: Is Singapore rather crowded? –B: No, __________.
            A. it isn’t                        B. there isn’t                    C. it’s not             D. there’s not
135/  He works in a factory. He __________ a teacher.
            A. is                                B. isn’t                              C. is not                D. B&C
126/ Let’s __________ fishing.
            A. go                               B. going                            C. to go                 D. are going
137/ Mr. Hung is a farmer. He raises __________ chickens on his farm.
            A. a little                        B. many                            C. lots D. much
138/ – A: __________ is she from? – B: She is from Japan.
            A. Who                           B. What                            C. Where                      D. When
139/ - A: What __________ you like for lunch? – B: I’d like some beef and fish.
            A. must                           B. mustn’t                        C. would                     D. can
140/ He weighs 80 kilos. He is ___________.    A. thin            B. tall       C. short          D. fat
141/ -A: ___________oranges do you need? –B:  A dozen.
            A. How many                B. How much                  C. How               D. What
142/ How much is this ___________of cooking oil?   A. tube    B. box    C. bar      D. bottle
143/ I’m ___________. I’d like some rice and meat.    A. tired    B. hot     C. hungry    D. full
144/ Carrots, beans and onions are some kinds ( loại ) of ___________.
            A. vegetables                B. food                             C. drink                D. fruit    
145/ How many ___________are there on your feet?    A. Knees     B. fingers     C. Toes      D. lips
146/ – A: Do you have ___________soda? –B: Yes, there is some in the bridge.
            A. some                          B. any                               C. a                       D. an
147/ What color ___________ Mary’s eyes?     A. is     B. are       C. am         D. is not
148/ ___________is my favorite drink.      A. Orange juice    B. Meat    C. Vegetables   D. Rice
149/ - A: ___________? –B: I’m tired and thirsty.
            A. What would you like?                                       B. How much is it?
            C. How do you go?                                                  D. How do you feel?
150/ -A: How much are a bowl of rice noodles and an ice-cream? –B: ___________
            A. Yes. What do you need?                                   B. It is round.
            C. They are 35,000 dong.                                       D. A dozen, please.
151/ Nam is ___________ than his younger sister.         A. old     B. older     C. young     D. younger
152/ He grows ___________vegetables on his small farm.
            A. a few                         B. a little                           C. little                 D. a lot
153/ They always play some ___________ such as soccer and badminton after school.
            A. music                         B. tennis                           C. homework                 D. sports
154/ -A: What about ___________to school on foot? – B: That’s a good idea.
            A. travel                         B. to go                             C. go                          D. going
155/ ___________Sunday morning, I’m going to see a cartoon on TV.
            A. At                               B. In                                  C. On                D. To
156/ His hen produces ___________eggs and his cow produces ___________milk.
            A. a little/a few             B. a lot/a little                  C. many/a few              D. a few/a little
157/ After the exams we have three days off. What ___________you ___________ on these days?
            A. are/go to do              B. are/doing                     C. do/do               D. are/going to do
158/ You ___________eat too much fat. It isn’t good for your health.
            A. should                       B. shouldn’t                     C. must                        D. can
159/ All of her friends, she is the ___________.
            A. small                          B. tall                                C. short             D. smallest
160/ – A: What do you do ___________it is hot? – B: I stay home and watch TV.
            A. which                        B. where                           C. how               D. when
161/ Is Ho Chi Minh City ___________than Hanoi?      A. big    B. small    C. bigger      D. large
162/ Nam often ___________to the movies on Sundays.
            A. go                               B. goes                              C. going               D. is going
163/ The sky is dark and there are many dark clouds. It ___________.
            A. is going to rain         B. will rain                       C. is raining                D. can rain
164/ – A: ___________are you going to stay with your aunt? –B: For two weeks.
            A. How much                B. How long                    C. How often              D. How many         
165/ – A: ___________rice do you want? –B: Two kilos.
            A. How long                  B. How often                   C. How much             D. How many          
166/ – A: ___________does she wash her hair? –B: Four times a week.
            A. How much                B. How long                    C. How often            D. How many
167/ – A: What’s her personality? – B: It’s___________.
            A. China                         B. Vietnam                       C. Canadian              D. France
168/  Mr. Hung is going to ___________some photos of the beautiful mountains.
            A. write                          B. do                                 C. take                     D. make
169/ – A: What’s the ___________of Pleiku City? – B: It’s over 200 thousand people.
            A. populate                    B. populous                     C. population            D. populating
170/ – A: ___________is a dozen eggs? –B: 20.000 dong
            A. How much                B. How often                   C. How long             D. How many
171/ – A: How ___________is the Great Wall in China? – B: It’s over 5000km.
            A. thick                          B. high                              C. long                     D. short
172/ There are ___________apples on the table.     A. a            B. an       C. any        D. some
173/ In Vietnam, we have big forests but we don’t have any___________.
            A. rivers                         B. deserts                         C. mountains               D. lakes
174/ ___________you speak French?  -No, I don’t. I speak Japanese.
            A. Would                       B. Can                               C. Do                    D. Are
175/ We are free tonight. We ___________ our great grandmother.
            A. am going to visit      B. are going to visit        C. am visiting          D. are going visit
176/ The boys usually go ___________in the lake behind the school library.
            A. swimming                 B. shopping                     C. camping               D. walking
177/ Ho Chi Minh City is ___________city in Vietnam.
            A. big                              B. very big                       C. bigger         D. the biggest
178/ My sister is ______aerobics at the moment.     A. having   B. doing   C. playing  D. making
179/ ___________are you going to do this summer vacation?
            A. What                          B. When                           C. Who                 D. Why
180/ We don’t want ___________ to Hue.           A. go      B. to go       C. going    D. goes
181/ I often listen ___________music ___________my free time.
            A. to/in                           B. of/at                             C. in/to                      D. for/in
182/ My brother likes ___________in the mountain.    A. walking    B. walks  C. to walk  D. walk
183/ – A: ___________your brother like playing soccer? –B: Yes, a lot.
            A. are                              B. Do                                C. Is                D. Does
184/ My sister can’t play volleyball. She ___________plays volleyball.
            A. always                       B. usually                         C. sometimes              D. never
185/ – A: What about ___________soccer this weekend? –B: That’s a good idea!
            A. to play                       B. play                              C. plays                 D. playing
186/ I’m hungry now. Let’s ___________to the canteen.     A. go     B. goes    C. going    D. to go
187/ Nam and I________ now. We are swimming in the river.
            A. are studying             B. is studying                   C. isn’t studying       D. aren’t studying
188/ This sign says “Stop!” We ________ go straight ahead.
            A. can                             B. should                          C. must                 D. must not
189/ They are going to New York ________ plane.      A. in    B. by       C. with      D. on
190/ Are there ________ stores on the street?      A. a          B. an               C. any       D. some
191/ – A: ________ do you go to school every day? – B: I walk.
            A. How                           B. By what                       C. How many            D. How by
192/ – A: “Can Nga play volleyball?”  - B: “No, ________”
            A. she mustn’t               B. she can’t                      C. she isn’t         D. she doesn’t
193/ How many floors ________ in your school?
            A. there are                    B. is there                         C. are there         D. isn’t there
194/ Let’s ________ fishing this weekend!         A. goes           B. to go        C. going    D. go
195/ These are my note books, and those are ________.
            A. you                            B. your                              C. yours                D. your’s
196/ – A: ________ is the fifteen-minute news on television? – B: At seven o’clock.
            A. What time                 B. Where                          C. Who                D. How
197/ Don’t be late ________ your school!   A. on             B. at             C. to       D. for
198/ – A: ________ is that? – B: It’s a pencil.      A. How many     B. How      C. Who     D. What
199/ She usually________ to the radio in the morning.
            A. listen                          B. watches                        C. listens               D. sees
200/ ________ does your aunt work? - She works in a bank.
            A. What                          B. Where                          C. When          D. How
201/ – A: ________ you like a drink? –B: Yes, please.
            A. What                          B. Would                          C. How                 D. Are
202/ I need a large ________ of toothpaste.       A. bar      B. can            C. tube      D. box
203/ What about ________ to the farm on Sunday?     A. travel     B. go        C. going     D. come
204/ We have English on Tuesday and Saturday. We have it ________ a week.
            A. once                           B. twice                            C. ten times           D. three times
205/ Nam loves ________ cartoons after dinner.
            A. meeting                     B. seeing                          C. to watch     D. watching
206/ I’m tired. I’d like ________ for a rest.
            A. sit down                    B. sitting down                C. to sit down        D. to sitting down
207/ What about ______________ soccer this weekend, Lan?
            A. play                            B. plays                             C. to play     D. playing
208/ - Mom: Are there any onions on the table? - Phuong: ______________.
            A. No, there are             B. No, there isn’t             C. Yes, there are          D. Yes, there aren’t
209/ -How much ______________ does he want? – One kilo, please.
            A. cabbages                    B. potatoes                       C. beef                    D. carrot
210/ Mai is ______________ her homework at the moment.
            A. doing                          B. playing                         C. going                        D. visiting
211/ Nam is ______________. He’d like to sit down. ( A. tired           B. cold    C. hungry     D. full)
212/ -______________ is his hair? – It’s brown.
            A. What                          B. What color                  C. Where                D. Which
213/ -What’s your ______________? – I’m Vietnamese.
            A. language                    B. country                        C. nationality              D. name
214/ A ______________ of noodles is 12.000 dong.    (A. bar             B. bottle         C. box D. bowl )
215/ Nga doesn’t want ______________ to Huong Pagoda by bike because it’s too hot.
            A. to going                     B. go                                 C. going D. to go
216/ Mai: ______________ go to Huong Pagoda? Ba: That’s a good idea.
            A. Why don’t we           B. Do you                         C. What about                 D. Let’s
217/ What’s ______________ like in the spring? – It’s warm.
            A. weather                      B. winter                           C. the weather          D. the winter
218/ Miss. Chi is very beautiful. She has ______________.
            A. black long hair          B. long black hair            C. hair long black          D. black hair long
219/ I am thirsty. I would like ______________ can of soda.    A. a      B. an     C. some      D. any
220/ He isn’t fat. He is ______________.    (A. short    B. heavy         C. tall D. thin )
221/ My father is going to travel to Ha Noi ______________.
            A. at present                   B. every day                     C. tomorrow D. now
222/ Do ______________ like cold weather?   (  A. they          B. he   C. she D. your brother )
223/ Mexico is ______________ city in the world.
            A. the bigger                  B. the biggest                   C. biggest       D. bigger than

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